Artist Endorsements

Play live in a band? Have a significant online presence playing guitar? Teach music at a school or private studio? You may be eligible for Mantra Artist Endorsement!

Mantra Guitars is run entirely by working professional musicians, and our Artist Endorsements family currently extends nationwide across Australia. You could be eligible to join our team and score some sweet discounts (or even your own personal line of guitars!) if you have a public presence in the performance or tuition of guitar and/or bass guitar. All you have to do is fill out this form and send through the required documents/links and we will assess whether you are eligible for tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 endorsement.

(if not within Australia, please include country and area codes)
(bands/artists/vlogs/youtube/schools etc)
(what made you choose to seek endorsement with Mantra Guitars? Why should we choose to endorse you? Give us a little introduction and tell us why we should adopt you into our family!)
(bands/artists/vlogs/youtube/schools etc)
(your go-to guitars/basses that you use onstage or during performances/workshops etc)


NOTE: Endorsement is not guaranteed by application and is limited. YOU WILL ONLY BE CONTACTED IF YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. Artists will be required to meet a minimum set of responsibilities if chosen and depending on the tier of endorsement granted, and may include (but not limited to) regular posting of photos of the guitar in use on social media platforms, “Mantra” logos on concert and tour posters, video demo/review of guitar, and more. All requirements are subject to agreement between Mantra Guitars and the Artist in question upon endorsement, and will be outlined clearly to the Artist prior to endorsement.