Band Coaching

So you’ve got your skills up to scratch and ready for action, and you’ve met some other like-minded players and got them together for a jam session or two… what next?

Mantra Guitars Australia offers amateur band coaching and underground music business workshops and coaching sessions – conducted by real life working professional musicians who have done everything wrong and everything right through their careers from jamming with other kids in high school all the way to touring Australia and Europe, and working with world-class producers in the USA.

Sessions are tailored to your current project – whether it’s a few kids in high school trying to get some cover songs together or write their own songs, dad and his mates in the garage on a weekend attempting the back catalogue of Creedence Clearwater Revival, or simply a solo artist or group needing some guidance in the industry to get their stuff off the ground. We would love to help!

Coaching can include (but is not limited to):

  • Cover song repertoire and practice regimes
  • Original song arrangements and assistance
  • Band dynamics and advice
  • Industry tips and tricks
  • Amateur tour organisation
  • Recording advice
  • Demo recording at our basic home studio (equipped with 16 channel mixer, guitars, amps, and drums)
  • Basic music marketing advice

So if you’ve got a band or project that needs some help, send us a message today for a free quote!