Planning a birthday party and want to step it up a notch with a live rock band? Organising your special wedding day and need some soothing acoustic background music? We’ve got something for all events!

  • Acoustic duo – guitar/vocals & percussion (blues, folk, classics from 1960s to today)
  • Rock duo – guitar/vocals & drums/vocals (rock, blues, classic rock hits)
  • Acoustic solo – guitar/vocals (blues, folk, easy listening)
  • PA hire and music coordinator

Don’t need a band but want something to add to the atmosphere and help with speeches? We also offer professional PA hire and sound for your event – up to 5 x medium sized speakers, two on stands, plus one medium sub-woofer speaker, with full range of microphones… plus we’ll even work the sound desk for you and help with the levels!

See links below for examples of our acoustic duo and our rock band

“Dover Street” acoustic duo demos:

“Filthy Lucre” rock band example (original songs):
Note: this is only an example of how we sound, we also play classic blues and rock hits with this same setup

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