Mantra Custom Relic Pro T


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Mantra Custom Relic Series
Vintage tone with vintage vibe! You don’t have to drag your brand new sparkly guitar through the dirt to get that rugged relic look, and paired with ultra premium USA handwound Dawgtown “Broadcaster” tele pickups and full CTS/Oak Grigsby/Switchcraft electronics, tricked out with an Oak Grigsby 4-way switch instead of the regular 3-way switch to add an extra position for bridge and neck pickups in series for ultimate fat tone, this thing is jam packed full of mojo! This is the real deal, ready for the professional stage.

– Ultra premium hand-wound USA Dawgtown “Broadcaster” Telecaster pickups
– American CTS pots, orange drop caps, Oak Grigsby switch, Switchcraft jack, vintage cloth wire
– Ash wood body
– Thin coat vintage finish with hand made relic detail
– Maple neck and fretboard
– Old-school large headstock font
– 22 frets
– Vintage “ashtray” style bridge
– Vintage style tuners

Mantra® Custom Guitars are designed, customised, and professionally set up at our studio in Brisbane, QLD and the bodies and necks custom crafted by our professional luthiers overseas, to bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price.